Thief of artifact

2-10 Players
60 Minutes
Escape-room "Can You Get Out"

In the British Museum, the Greatest Treasure  of the Catholic Church, “Saint Grail”, will be available to the public for the next 7 days.

            Seeking through the centuries “Holy Grail”, it was found in 1938 by Indiana Jones – son of the famous Dr.Jones in Kanyon of the Crescent Moon – valley located in the Republic of Hatay near the city of Alexandretta.The famous vessel from which the apostles drank, and the legend says “a vessel that gives immortality”.
Due to the incredible value of the artifact, special security measures were applied. Only 3 people know all the security of our treasury – said police inspector Jhon Mardock from Scotlandyard Security Services inc.

After 7 days, it will be transported to the Vatican and closed for the next 25 years.

Your task: Steal the Holy Grail without triggering an alarm

We invite you to visit the museum