Pricing for all our rooms is the same:

Team of 2: €45 (€22.50 per person)

Team of 3: €66 (€22 per person)

Team of 4: €80 (€20 per person)

Team of 5: €95 (€19 per person)

Team of 6: €108 (€18 per person)

every next person + € 18

more info ? just call or send email

Gift Cards

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Would you like to surprise someone with a unique gift certificate for any occasion?

Gift Certs are available for 2-26 players  Gift Certificates will be sent by mail with instructions on how to redeem them. Choose the number of Players and click add to cart. The paper version of the certificate can be picked up at our store on request.

Gift certs are valid for SIX MONTHS from date of purchase.

Voucher for Escape Room “Can You Get Out?”

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