Thank You for payments…

By paying for the game in the “Can You Get Out” escape room owned by Tanning4U, you waive the right to any possible claims for compensation from you and other persons participating in the games from possible bodily injuries or injuries during a visit to our escape rooms in accordance with 3.16 of our terms and conditions.

Each player must sign the “Accident waiver and release of liability form” before playing. Making an online booking involves agreeing to sign the “Accident waiver and release of liability form”.
In the event of refusal to sign or lack of signature of the minor’s guardian, the person or the entire team will not be allowed to play without the possibility of a refund.

A copy of the form can be downloaded here.



We will send to Your email, all informations about Your Game Reservation in a short time

Team Escape-Room “Can You Get Out?”